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Kar’s father, Aeden Kobble, originally came from Waterdeep. His mother, Leela Reeve, came from a small village, named Logger’s vale, near the western edge of the High Forest. One year she accompanied her father, the mayor of Logger’s Vale, to Waterdeep for business. She met Aeden, they fell in love and Aeden followed her back home. Aeden and Leela married soon thereafter, against the wishes of Leela’s family. Leela’s father gave Aeden a job in the town militia. Kars was born a few months later. Three years after Kars was born Aeden and his family were travelling from Waterdeep to Logger’s Vale when they were attacked by an orcish raiding party. The orcs killed Leela but Aeden and Kars managed to escape. In Logger’s Vale Aeden was blamed for not saving Leela and was branded a coward. Bitter and enraged by life’s injustice Aeden took his son deep within the High Forest to raise him by himself. The summer went by without any problems, but when winter came, so did the wolves. Famished by the cold winter the wolves eventually attacked Aeden near his cottage while he was gathering wood, and killed him.

An elvish hermit named Leander came upon the scene before the wolves discovered the frightened young Kars in the cabin. Leander had lost all of his family and friends not that long ago in a battle with the demons of Hellgate Keep. He had wandered in to the forest, asking Corellon and Solonor Thelandira for guidance. He took his discovery as a sign decided to move in to the cabin and to take care of Kars.

Kars grew up a carefree young man. His adopted father taught him how to hunt and how to survive out in the wilderness. Kars proved to be a natural archer. He had a simple and happy life. On some occasions, Kars got lonely though. Leander and he lived dozens of miles from the nearest settlement and they only went in to town once a month, and never longer than a day, so Kars couldn’t spend much time with children his own age.

About 6 months ago, during a long hunting trip that took him deep within the lost peaks, Kars got mixed up in things that would change his life considerably.

As he had two times before, Kars left Leander for a week or two to travel to the nearby lost peaks to hunt some bigger game. On his first night in the peaks he noticed a strange light coming from a ridge far above him. Curious, Kars climbed up there the next day and discovered the bodies of three men. They were dressed in breastplates embroided with golden leaves and arcane symbols and wore beautiful auburn cloaks, the hoods still covered and hid their faces. They still had their weapons, strangly thin longswords, in their hands as they lay there. The air smelled burned, but Kars could still smell the foul stench of Orcs. Kars dared not disturb the bodies, but searching for tracks he found a secret pass through the mountains. From the tracks he could deduce that at least one had escaped the Orc attack but that the Orcs were in persuit. Kars decided to follow the Orcs, if he could sneak up on the foul creatures, he could probably take out one or two. Escaping in to the wilds would not be a problem, he had done so before.

By nightfall Kars was sure he had almost caught up with the Orcs and their quarry. His suspiscions were confirmed when he saw the light of a fire burn bright and he heared the creatures’ crude language. While circling the orc’s camp he heared another strange noise. Kars went to investigate the noise and found the survivor the orc’s had been chasing, stuck in a hunter’s trap not far off. If the Orcs hadn’t been so loud they would have caught their prey that night. The survivor was a beautiful young girl dressed in a fancy cloak and a decent traveling garb. Unlike the slain men her hood was pulled back and so Kars could see she was an elf. Kars revealed his presence and quickly cut the lines of the hunter’s trap before leading her away from the orc camp. They had to stop several times for Kars to hide their trail. The girl remained silent the entire time. By morning Kars found a cave to hide and sleep in and finaly he had the chance to take a good look at the elf he had saved.

From there on Kars memories become hazy and unclear. He knows she thanked him and explained what had happened and who she was, but he cannot remember what she said. He remembers offering to guide her to the western edge of the forest, apparently she needed to go there, and he knows she accepted his help. He knows both of them got to know each other well during the weeks they traveled together and that he started to feel for her, but he cannot remember any details about her. He remembers fighting more orcs, the thrill and fear of combat. He has a clear picture in his head of arriving in Logger’s Vale and he remembers flashes of their time at the village, dancing near a bonfire, eating, drinking and laughing together, putting a ring woven out of thin branches on her finger and kissing her. The strongest memory is that of the night they spent together at the local inn, as far as Kars can remember their first and only night together. Obviously she was important to him, but now he cannot even remember her name.

Kars knows these memories to be true, but he is the only one. His mind cleared as he woke up, alone, on a ridge in the Lost Peaks, the place he had first seen the strange lights. On his back he had a large scar and in his pocket he found a short note, scribbled hastly on a piece of strange parchment thanking him for all he had done and urging him to forget his dreams and to live on. The letter also mentioned a gift, a small wooden whistle that would ease his loneliness. As Kars blew the whistle a wolf’s howl replied not far off. It wasn’t long before a young male wolf emerged from the bushes. On it’s neck the wolf’s pelt had been scarred and one of the strange arcane marks found on the elven cloaks was burned in to his flesh. Kars named the wolf “Dream” and went back home. Leander was very glad to see Kars, whom he had believed dead. Kars had been gone for two months.

For a while Kars tried to live his old life, but he couldn’t. At night he would dream of his encounter and his travels with the elven girl and during the day these half memories would haunt him. Finally, against Leander’s advice, Kars decided to look for the girl. He traveled to Logger’s Vale to find answers, but found only more questions. The people avoided him and some simply refused to talk to him at all. The innkeeper said never to have seen the elf girl and the local cleric threatened to call the guards if he didn’t leave. After several days he was approached by an old man who told him, in hushed tones, that the elf girl had met up with her kinsmen and that they had traveled west, towards Waterdeep. Kars had been taken back in to the forest by one of the elves. That is all he knew.

Kars thanked the man and went on his way. His travels were certainly interesting, but a month later he finaly arrived at Waterdeep. The city was overwhelming for Kars who had only been at Logger’s Vale before. With the few coins he had left Kars rented a room at a local inn and began searching. After three months of looking around the city Kars is beginning to realize that finding any clue amidst the masses of Waterdeep is going to be nearly impossible. On top of that, he is running low on coin.


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